Thursday, August 8, 2013


After 6 airports, 5 times through security, 26 hours on planes and 12 hours of layovers, we have finally made it to the Philippines! I have to say, that was the longest flight I have ever been on. The airports seemed endless, as did the security checks (what could I possibly be hiding?! They have checked so often!)
But now Im sitting here, at 6am, after a wonderful 11 hours of sleep. The rooster next door has been making his presence known for an hour now, the birds are chirping and its getting warmer by the minute. 
Home, sweet home. 
(at least for a while)

We are staying at a house with another married couple (husband is from Canada, wife is from Wales). They have have a cat, who seems to have some sinus problems. Every time he sidles us to me, he snorts around like hes a truffle pig. 
Its amusing, although Im a bit too dazed yet to laugh. 

We are staying in Davao until August 20th, at which time we will hop on a flight to Manila  (only 2 hours, thank God!) and then take an overnight bus (12 hours long) to Tabuk! We should arrive at our home on August 21st! 
But for now, we are content to be here, getting to know the other girls in our program, enjoying the local colour and scenery!

We were given this welcome basket upon arrival, full of filipinoo treats, such a nice welcome! 

We are so grateful for all the prayers we received during travel, we definitely felt it! How else could you explain Andrew running on ZERO sleep for 45 hours and me running on less than 3 hours! 

So now, Ill leave you with a photo of the driveway of our home for the next 2 weeks. Anyone understand why I felt so welcomed? 
VW power! 

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