Friday, August 2, 2013

These days.

We left Canada yesterday, all of our possessions thrown in the back of mom and dads Rav.
We forgot a few things, some replaceable (toothbrush) and some not (moms purse? oops) but were on the way nonetheless.
We made a few stops, picking up a flashlight, sunglasses and SC card. The last few things ticked off our to-get list. We drove at a leisurly pace, not really in a hurry to get anywhere, deciding at the last minute to spend the night in Astoria. 

We got rooms in a beautiful hotel; heritage, recently renovated. 

We skipped dinner, as lunch had been late and tucked in for the night.
Wake up was 6am, as garbage trucks lumbered by. A quick check proved that the parents had been up since 5, patiently awaiting for us to wake up. 
Check out, then drive to find breakfast. Its only a 45 min drive from Astoria to Clatskanie, where we are meeting up for the week. On our way out of Astoria, we stopped into the house thats in the movie "The Goonies". (If you haven't seen it, do. Tonight.) and I was embarrassingly excited to be there! 

The drive was mostly silent after that, all of us thinking the same thing "Good-bye again?"
We arrived at the house we are staying, quickly hauled in our luggage and said goodbye.  Its funny how time goes by. The older I get, the more I appreciate my parents, but the less I get to see them. 
 We spent the rest of the day relaxing (something we haven't done in months) and exploring Gary and Lynn's beautiful house. 
(I am in love with it!) 

 (Our bedroom. That bed!) 

We are grateful for this time to relax, as everything seems very surreal right now. Did we really just say goodbye to family and friends for 2 years? Are we really doing this again?! 
But yes, this is our path and this is what we are doing. 
Im grateful for the hard goodbyes and the bittersweetness of leaving the places we love.  

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