Friday, August 2, 2013

On saying good-bye (didn't we just do this?)

Im sitting here, thinking about what I should write. 
I could talk about saying goodbye to my family. I could talk about the tears and "See you laters!" while quickly walking away to hide my tears. 
I could talk about how I told Cody that "Auntie and uncle are going away for a while." and he gets a serious look on his face and says "Cody go too?" and I get choked up. I could talk about how strapping him into his car seat was just as hard as it was the last time we left. How I fought back tears and couldn't quite pull myself together. 

I could talk about the long hugs, and rushed goodbyes, forced forward by me, one who hates goodbyes.
But instead, I will focus on the good. 
The fact that we have precious family and friends, ones who we will miss and think of often. We will thank God that we are blessed beyond belief by people who give and give and give some more. We are so grateful (how many times have I said that. But its true.) and although this part is hard, we are still thanking God for all that He has done and given to us.
God is good and life is (bitter)sweet.

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  1. Way to make me cry! Cody is just so precious!! <3 I will make sure to give him 3 times the amount of aunty (and uncle) hugs as I can for you! He will not go untickled, unhugged, or uncuddled! Same goes for Becca! So excited for your guys' new adventure! I can't wait to hear about all the fresh babies you get to help into this world!!! <3 <3 <3 Obviously we miss you already! Hugs!!!!