Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A quick glimpse..

Life here continues on. Clinic shifts have been busy and fulfilling, I am learning so much! The midwifes I volunteer with are amazing and Im so thankful for them! I never bring my camera to shift or when I visit the clinic, but I need to start so that I can capture the faces of the beautiful women I work with! 

We had a small visitor to our "backyard" the other day. This cow trampled its way in, ate our grass, licked my foot and tottered off again. We sure are living a simple life here! 

This is the side of our house. Andrew got me this hammock as a "Yay, you made it to the 2nd trimester" gift and it has been wonderful! 

We had 2 of the girls from Davao come here for 2 weeks, to see what life in Tabuk and working at a smaller clinic looked like. It was such a joy to have them here, they brought laughter and encouragement. They left, back to Davao this morning, and we miss them already! 

We laughed at this sign, but didnt attempt to find out if it was a joke or not! 

Jumping pictures with 4 girls is hard, but we finally got one! Thankfully Andrew is a patient person. 

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