Saturday, October 12, 2013


Incredibly grateful for so many things. 

Yesterday Andrew went into the "big city", Tuguegarao. He came back loaded down with some of the things I have been missing: 
Cheese (6 delicious ounces of it!), a jar of black olives, even a small container of sour cream! Things that, in Canada, I would not think twice about being thankful for. But here, in the land of rice 3 times a day and not much else, I deeply appreciate each bite. 

We are so rich, really. I am reminded of that every day, as I fill my belly, as I love my husband and serve the women here. God has blessed us, abundantly. 
Sometimes I forget. 
Sometimes, when Im not feeling well, or its 45 degrees in our house, or we have "nothing" to eat but rice, again, I forget about Gods blessings. I, instead, recognize whats missing. "Life in canada was so easy! Look, there's cheese, bread, easy shopping! Im sick of rice, Im sick of being so hot!" and these thoughts, this loss of grateful, is like poison. It takes away my ability to see God in all things, to honour Him with all of my life, including my attitude. It gives power to darkness, to feeling sorry for myself, to ungratefulness. 
But then, when He finds me again, when He pulls me out of this dark place, when He meets me in my jealousy and pride, when I ask for forgiveness, and He so freely gives it, theres is beauty and new sight. 
And again, always again, His grace overwhelms me, and how can I be anything but grateful?
My life and everything in it, is His. 
How could I, even for one second, stop thanking Him for that? So today, I think on the many blessings I have been given, starting first with salvation. 

Tonight we celebrate canadian thanksgiving with a dinner of roasted chicken.  Each of us is bringing something to contribute, and, as most of the bases were covered (or unavailable, such as brussel sprouts!) I decided to make coleslaw. As I made the sauce, I thanked God for each ingredient. For the mayonnaise, and the cane sugar. For the lemon powder that I sent from canada (no lemon/limes found here!) and the spoon of sour cream that I added (purely out of love!), even for the salt. I said a prayer for those around us who have less, and asked for opportunities to share what we have. 

Im grateful for our family here, as modge-podge and international it is. Each person is unique, with giftings to share. It is our community, one that God has blessed us with. I also think on all those at home, who love and support us from afar, who allow us to continue our work here. 
Our prayer, for you and us, is that we would see God in the little things, that we would never cease to be grateful for what God has blessed us with, and that we would share the love of God through how we live our life. 

"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. 
My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song."
Psalm 28:7 

Happy thanksgiving. 

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