Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Catch #1!!

Some days are ones you will never forget. This was one of those days.
 I got the text at 5:30am (I had managed a few hours of sleep during night shift) and quickly dressed, basically running to the clinic. 
I got there in time to check the patient and find her fully dilated. 15 more minutes and she was ready to push! Gloves on, crouched on the bed, with eyes wide, soaking everything in and at the same time, pinching myself to believe this was happening, this beautiful girl was born into my (surprisingly steady!) hands! 
What an amazing miracle birth is. I keep pinching myself, feeling so blessed that I got to be a part of this calm, beautiful birth! God gave me the perfect gift, a perfect birth. Little one weighed a wooping 3700grams (8 lbs 1 oz), huge for around here!

Everyday I am amazed at how God works and His goodness in my life. 

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