Monday, October 11, 2010

Its been a busy weekend. With working every day and juggling 4 family dinners, Ive not only eaten a whole turkey, Im exhausted.
But life is still good.
I work up this morning singing "Kissed by a rose", dont ask why.
But the point is that I wake up each morning with a song to sing, a husband to love and a way to impact the world. Through my work, through missions, through my daily actions.
and I aint no fool! Im not taking it for granted!
I make an effort to appreciate these things daily, but it is nice to have a weekend to come together with family and friends, with love hanging off the ceiling fans and turkey up to our knees!
And so, Thanksgiving 2010, you did well.
You came, you brought turkey and you helped remind us of our blessings.
Until we meet again.

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