Saturday, October 2, 2010

An official welcome...

October and I go waaaay back.
We have a shared passionate history and this year is looking like its going to be one of the best! Heres what October and I are looking forward to:

-Celebrating my 25th birthday!
That's right baby, I'm a quarter of a century old on the 5th! No matter how many birthdays go by, I still get super super excited when its my turn again!

-Going to the pumpkin patch, drinking hot apple cider and
making pumpkin pie from scratch! mmmmm.

-Running through leaves and crisp air.
-Lazy rainy days(like today)
-Drinking hot gluvien(hot mulled wine) and reminiscing about my time in Europe.
-Wearing scarves and having rosy cheeks.
-Dressing my husband up like a carrot for our Harvest party!

Generally, just enjoying the slower pace of life that Autumn seems to bring.
October, I welcome you into my life!

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