Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A rekindled love.

I blame Michelle and her latest post.
Moccasins. Slippers.

Mmm, just those words make my toes curl!
Last year, about this time, I had an obsession with them.

Not just wearing them in the house when its "appropriate".
Nope, I would go out, shopping, dinner, movies.
You name it, I did it.
I bought my first pair at a thrift store. They are perfect now. Warm and deliciously broken in. You cant buy that kind of comfort! It only comes from investing many hours into these delightful creations!

I still wear this pair, except that in summer I get some strange looks from people in flip-flops and bikinis when I rock up to the beach in moccasins and shorts...

(True story. Don't let it happen to you!)

My latest pair are stolen. I prefer the term "confiscated" from my foster brother.

He didn't need them anymore. (At least that's what I tell him!)

And now, with the days chillier, and my toes in a constant state of ice-cube-ness, the craving for them is back on.

Yes, please!

Umm, maybe not...

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