Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What a good day consists of.

My day is always good when thrifting is involved!
I found an army of wooden Christmas ornaments!

A delightful Christmas tin for putting delicious baked num-nums in!

An old HEAVY frame. Folks, this thing is solid! And although the picture isn't an accurate portrayal, its beautiful too!

SCORE! This amazing little mirror, with the initial "A", which happens to be the initial of my husband (coincidence?!)

And Ill be honest, I bought this game just because of the name. BUT its actually heaps of fun!

I love days that start with a hug from "A" and end with thrift stores!


  1. Oh! Those finds make me giddy with excitement!
    I love the frame especially.
    I am glad you decided to buy the wooden ornaments.

  2. Those wooden ornaments are a great find! Just in time with Christmas around the corner...

  3. cute post and these are great finds! i love the ornaments. reminds me of my parents.