Monday, November 1, 2010

Keeping Portland beautiful and weird!

This weekend my beloved and I packed up and headed south to Portland. We wanted to surprise our friends, Spencer and Michelle.
The drive was totally worth the hug I got from her.
Oh boy, I cant even explain how much I miss her when Im here and shes
We got into all sorts of adventures together.
Beer and late-night-dinner at the coolest bar ever!

Shopping at the market and other fun shops.
Going out to the "Wooden Chicken" accompanied by Snow White, an escaped convict, a football player, Uncle Sam, and a billbilly cowboy.

(I was a bunny. Although I lost my tail around 11pm)
We went for a drive down the old highway (sorry michelle!)
The trees are changing and it is beautiful!

And then, much to my delight, we stopped by an antique store!

(Be still my heart!)

It was amazing! There were so many beautiful things! I managed to walk away with a globe, but only because the store closed before I could convince Andrew that of course I need another set of salt and pepper shakers!

Next time we are in Oregon again, Im spending the day there! Michelle, you may accompany me if you wish. :)

It was a great weekend. I loved spending time with my precious friends. They were so welcoming and happily let us be tourists! I miss you guys already!!

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