Monday, November 1, 2010

Delightful treats.

No trip south past Seattle is worth it unless you stop at Cabelas.
At least thats what Andrew says.
(For those of you who are not hunters/married to one, Cabelas is a HUGE outfitter store with EVERYTHING, from guns to bullets to tents and clothes, a resturaunt, an aquarium and waterfall..its terribly impressive)
Anywho. Andrew bought me my first cast-iron skillet!
I am thrilled.
No really. Thats wasnt sarcasm!
Look how pretty!

It even came with a lid that can double as a shallow skillet!

(Sorry, no picture.)
And so, to test out the newest addition to our family, I made an apple-upside-down-cast-iron-baked-cake-thing. I think thats the official name.

ANYWHO, it turns out that this happens to be the best thing I have EVER baked.

And it wasnt me. It was the cast-iron.

I cant describe in words. Except that when I tasted a tiny morsel, I audibly moaned, and ran out the door to buy a tray good enough to hold this treat.

True story. I ran straight to the thrift store to find something, anything that could hold something so beautiful.

And I found it in the form of this amazing tin tray.

This tin tray probably never thought it would hold something so beautiful that it directly reflected heaven.

But today, thanks to butter, sugar, apples and a whole heap of love, it did.

Im pretty sure that if you look hard enough, you will see the thumbprint of God on that.
Seriously, its that good.
Just another reason Im thankful to serve a God who has taste buds!

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