Sunday, June 12, 2011

I am a doula!
Some of you might think "What is a doula, isn't that a fuzzy handled spatula or something?!"

Well no. Not at all actually.
A doula is a labor support person.
Someone who is with the labouring woman (and her husband) throughout the stages of labor and birth.
And I am trained and roaring to go!
I was so privileged to be apart of my sister-in-laws birth a few days ago, and then got to go take my doula training! What a labor-filled week!
I am so excited to for the many births that are happening around me in the next few months.
(seriously, there are 10 pregnant women in my life)

I have such a better understanding of Gods intent for labor and birth and am so excited to help woman through one of the most amazing experiences of her life!

I did not know that birth could be so empowering and healing for a mother, nor did I expect birth to become one of my largest passions.
But it can be and it is.

(So if you know anyone who needs a doula, Im willing to do it for the small fee of a cuddle with the new baby)

Life is sweet!

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