Sunday, June 12, 2011

Welcoming a new member of the family!

What an incredible week its been!
The real fun started on Weds morning, at 1:30am.
The phone rings, its my sister-in-law squealing "My water broke! Meet us at the hospital!"
(Swear, happiest woman-labor-ever!)
So off I went, singing the whole way!
(Im one of those annoying people who wake up instantly and happily. Sorry.)

Amanda needed an antibiotic (she has Strep B and needs in IV every 4 hours during labor)
and once the antibiotic was done, we went and Amanda laboured at her moms house.

Have you ever been with a woman in labor? What a beautiful thing! I was so in awe of Amanda, of her strength and focus. She was so amazing and strong. It was incredible to be with her, to catch her eye and encourage her. She was so natural and in touch with what her body was doing.
It was awesome, just awesome.

After a couple hours, the contractions were 2 mins apart and getting heavy.
We headed back to the hospital to get her 2nd dose of IV,
and it was time for baby to come!

(Note: I am skipping some details about the hospital that were frustrating, so there might be some gaps in this story)

Cody Samuel was born at 11:06am,
weighing 7 pounds 2 oz.
He is breathtaking, with a full head of beautiful hair.
I didn't know I would love him so much.

This experience has forever changed me. I have such respect for Amanda, for her body and for the process of birth.
I have read countless books on natural birth, midwifery and the such, but to experience it first-hand was beyond belief.
I floated out of that hospital and was on cloud 9!
(not only because I was running on 1 hours sleep in 48 hours....)

Uncle (And godfather) Andrew, fell in love immediately!

Sam was beaming, so proud of his wife and his new son!

What a precious little soul that we are entrusted with.
I am so proud to be his auntie (and Godmother).

Welcome to the world little one.
We are so happy you're here.

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