Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In one year we've had lots of yummy food.
we've drunk alot of yerba mate,
we've had many family dinners.
In one year we've had lots of laughs,
we've had very few tears
we've been to two other countries together
we've made a home.
In one year we've gotten closer to doing missions,
we've read books together,
we've acquired Camille.
we've prayed often together,
we've had lots of cuddles.
In one year we've grown closer and stronger in God and in each other.
we've had many good morning hugs,
we've had lots of kisses,
we've gotten closer to having children,
we've gotten closer to meeting God.
In one year, I cant imagine another without you.

Happy (belated) one year anniversary Andrew.

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