Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A day in our life....

Some of you might wonder what I do all day. I have posted some pictures of the beautiful beaches and sunsets and perhaps you have thought "Are they on holiday or what?!"
So I thought I would explain what I do in my day! Its also interesting for me to write down. When I looked back on what I wrote I thought "Sheesh, no wonder Im tired!"
I just have to say, I know a lot of moms. Some are mothers to 1 child, some, to more. I have SO much respect for what you do, seriously.  Parenting these 5 girls (especially going from zero to 5!) has been so challenging but also, amazing! I know its NOTHING compared to raising your own child, but it certainly has its challenges and rewards. I give props to any of you who have ever raised a kid. You are amazing! 

So heres today:

5:45am -Alarm goes off, for 2 seconds I wonder what would possess me to get up this early. Then I quickly remember the kids and jump out of bed, giant smile on my face (Ask Sandi. It happens a lot. Quite annoying to those around me who are not morning people,  or so Im told) 
6:00am - Wake up kids, open windows and sing songs, anything to get them up!
6-6:30- Hound kids to wash faces, drink water, brush teeth and do their chores. ALL of our children do chores and it is a truly wonderful thing! They learn responsibility and the value of being clean. It makes the children have ownership of this home! 
6:30- Breakfast (always rice plus something else.)
6:45- Herd the girls through the shower (think cattle herding, but with small cute girls!) 
7:15- Kids leave for school! I have 15 mins to rest. Instead, I start laundry for the littles. 
7:30 -Start working with Komin (my fetal alcohol boy)
7:30-11:30- We start the day by hand washing Komins clothes. This involved a lot of splashing. Then I tutor Komin to write his name (redirecting every 3 seconds) and learning simple things, such as colouring (picture a dentist, pulling teeth. Quite accurate!) Today we made pie crust (for tomorrows pumpkin pie!) jumped rope, hung up laundry, played with bubbles, chased animals etc. Today was a treat day, we watched a DVD! We take a break to hang up the girl's clothes. 

11:30-LUNCH! Yay food and a chance to sit down! 
12:00-3:00- Nap time! One of my favourite times of the day! Komin goes for a rest and all is quiet! I spent today cutting up shirts to make superhero capes for the kids! I can't wait to finish them, the kids will LOVE them!
2:45- I wander over to the kids room and get excited for them to get home. I find that I miss them when they are gone!
3:00- The little kids come home from school. Quiet turns to loud, calm turns to exciting, clean turns to messy (can I get an amen moms?!) 
Cattle herd them to change into play clothes, wash hands and drink water. 
3:15- Homework and laundry folding time! 
3:30-5:30- Play time for the littles! Bike riding, tree climbing (or Edolbina climbing for some of them!) 
4:30-5:30 Big kids come home! The big girls wash their laundry (by hand!) and lunch pails.
5:30- DINNER! Yay food and a chance to sit down again! 

6-7:00- Play games until its dark out. Kids run around, use their bikes, climb trees etc.
 7:00- Cattle herd girls through the shower, wash hair, brush teeth and into PJ's. Sing songs with them, pray and then kisses good night! 

8pm Thank God for strength for this day, pray for more patience and wisdom for tomorrow. 

We are usually fast asleep by 9:30. Im not even ashamed to write that! 
This role of "house parents" isn't one we asked for or expected at all. But we truly love it. In the evening, when the kids are all asleep in bed, Andrew and I chat about our day. The cute things the kids said, funny prayers they prayed, and faces they made. Its nice. For now, we are their family and its a privilege. 


  1. God Bless you! What a day!

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words to all mothers and fathers who lay down their own lives for the lives of their little ones. There is so much joy in the journey.
    If I have taught my children to love God and to love others my job has been well done.
    Love, Andrew's au.H