Saturday, January 19, 2013

Re-entry into Thailand!

The crossing from Cambodia into Thailand was surprisingly painless! We didnt have the money to pay off the border crossing, so we ended up waiting for a few hours (sad story, but true) but made friends as we waited! 
We were planning on spending a night in Bangkok, but when we got to the train station, there was a bus with 2 seats leaving at 6:30pm. We decided to take it! Andrew quickly grabbed some grub from 7-11 (if you have been to Thailand, you know how plentiful they are here!) since we hadnt eaten all day! 
The bus was fine, although there were some people hacking away close to us. By the time we got to southern Thailand, I had a sore throat and cough (that stayed with me for 2 weeks!) 
 We arrived in Chok Cloi at 5:30am, 27 hours earlier than the ministry expected! We were so thankful that they are flexible and were able to pick us up. We spent an hour and a half at the bus station, because we didnt want to call too early! 
We had been travelling for 24 hours by then and were pretty exhausted.
 From the moment we stepped onto the property, we felt immense peace. It was beautiful and quiet, the kids peeked from inside their house, curious as to who the blondes were! 

The only picture I got of our trip from Cambodia to Thailand. 

This was the sunrise when we got off the bus!

Waiting for it to be a decent time! 

We spent 1 night there and then, because we had already booked it, spent 2 nights at a hotel at a beach. It was Andrews birthday present! 

I liked this place, because it was the "EAK Restaurant". My brothers and I share the same initials (at least I did before I became a Wiebe) and it made me happy. Actually, the only time I hesitated to take Andrews last name was when I realized I wouldn't have the same initials as my brothers anymore!

Yerba mate, our little piece of home! 

After 2 nights on the beach, we were so ready to get started at the orphanage! 
This was our room for the first 2 weeks. We have since moved into the girls home to be house parents (which really deserves a whole nother post!)

The clouds here are some of most beautiful we have ever seen! 

After a long day of yard work, we burn the leaves and branches. The kids love it and we walk away smelling of burning coconut husks! (which doesn't smell good, in case you didn't know!) 

I saw this really handsome Thai man doing yard work. A tall, white, blond thai man! :)

One of our friendly neighbours. I just realized how shocked people from canada would be here. We are constantly covered in bugs.
 All. The. Time. 
In our bed, in our hair, on the ground, in our food. It seems normal to us now! In fact, just the other day, we ate roasted caterpillars without thinking about it. Later on I was like "ewe, that was kinda gross!"

I kid you not, this is what the light is at sunset. It is SO beautiful! I took this picture without filters or editing. The sun is that rich! 

The name of this place is Baan Santisuk, which means "House of Peace" and it really is that! Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of work to do and the kids certainly aren't angels, but Gods presence is here and it is so sweet. I will share more soon! 
I cant wait for you to meet the kids, they are so precious, you will love them!! 

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