Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hot hot heat.

When does your body reach the point where you don't really notice anymore that you are sweating?
 You no longer are consciously hot, you just…sweat. 
We are continuously warm. Day or night, inside or outside. The only exception for this is when we are in an AC Vehicle (rare) or room (even more rare!) and then, I am freezing!
 Don't get me wrong, while the sweating does get annoying, Im so thankful that Im sweating and not freezing! I will take hot over cold any day of the year.
 (Yet another area where Sandi and I are different!) 
I go through at least 2 shirts a day, 3 if I work out. Which means laundry every 2 days, since I have 4 shirts. 
Today I was sitting outside and realized that I hardly even notice the sweat rolling down my back or forming on my brow. It has to be well over 35 before one of us says "Sheesh, its warm today!"
 I guess its normal now?

Our bodies amaze me! We have put them through the wringer these past 10 months. They have eaten strange things, had to travel long distances, withstand very little sleep or sleep in uncomfortable places, loud places, hot places, even a few cold places (AC Buses!). We have eaten well and eaten very poorly. We have been dehydrated and almost passing out from heat. The amount of germs our bodies has been able to withstand is nothing short of a miracle. Our bodies deserve some kind of award! Sure, we have had our share of sickness and hospital trips, but really! You do the math! This many countries, this many months, that many germs? They deserved a small breakdown!

The point of this post? Well, Id be lying if I said there was one. I think it was mostly to make myself feel better about being a sweaty hot mess. (I add the "hot" to boost my self-esteem…)
Thank for listening! 
To make this post more interesting, theres a photo of our local (and my favourite!) beach. Totally deserted, totally beautiful! 

Now go thank you bodies for whatever you have put it through lately! 

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how well Father God has designed our bodies.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your reminder of how "fearfully and wonderfully made" we are.
    Love, aunt H