Monday, February 4, 2013

Currently (again!)

I always love when people do "currently" posts. 
I did one here and here.

Obsessing over: Frozen yogurt. We buy it and stick it in the freezer. Its so refreshing in the heat of the afternoon! 

Working on: 7 different blog posts. Im not good at finishing them! 

Thinking about: Our upcoming trip to Malaysia. We have to do a visa run and are excited to spend some time exploring! 

Anticipating: That we will be in Canada in less than 3 months. Thats crazy!

Listening to: Scrubs playing as I write this. It makes me laugh. 

Eating: Nothing right now, but I just drank some sweetened soy milk, delish! 

Wishing: That my teeth would stop hurting. I had a root canal in one and a crown put on on another and its still hurting, 5 days later! 

Dissing: Porn and its effect on the youth of today. Satan, using all the same old tricks. 

Laughing at: One of my littles, H. She is a little firecracker! 

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