Tuesday, February 19, 2013

11 months of learning.

11 month; 11 things I don't want to forget. 

1. People in most countries have a fraction of what we have in Canada. Appreciate it.
2. First world problems arent problems. 

3. I cant make a difference. Its Christ in me, the hope of glory, who makes the difference. 

4. There is very little that I cannot live without. 
The perception that I cannot live without internet, a phone, makeup, fashionable clothes, hot water, a washing machine etc. has been completely shattered. 

5. Andrew is an incredibly strong, complex man. 
Love, respect and encourage him and he will blow. your. mind. 

6.Live in community when you can. It will keep you humble and teach you patience. 

7. When you don't share a common language, a smile and eye contact can go a long way. 

8. When the culture drives you crazy, pause and think back to Canada. It used to drive you crazy too. 

9. Toilet paper is optional. 

10. Just eat the food. The worst that could happen has already happened in India and you survived that!

11. You are overly blessed with an amazing, supportive family. Thank God everyday and never, ever take them for granted. 

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