Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Poo!

Since its been a while, I thought I would update y'all about our current hair situation! 

I wrote about going "No Poo" here and here.
As of now, Andrew and I are both 8.5 months free of shampoo! 
(Dont be grossed out, I promise that we are clean!) 

Heres my hair routine now: 
Every saturday I (Edolbina) wash my hair with 1 tablespoon of baking soda. I put it in the palm of my hand, dry. I add 1 drop of rosemary oil, then a few drops of water. It makes a paste and I rub this onto my scalp really well. I wait for a few minutes, then thoroughly wash the baking soda out. 

Thats it! 
Thats what I do, once a week. I will rinse my hair with just water, maybe 1 or 2 times a week. Other than that, my hair just does its thing. 
(I have to note, we shower at least 2 times a day, we just dont get our hair wet!)

I forgot to get Andrew to take a picture of my hair the day I washed it. So you get this. This was on Weds, 4 days after washing my hair.

What I love about No Poo:
-The cost! Its literally pennies to wash our hair! 
-The travel size! Its SO annoying to carry around shampoo and conditioner, not to mention, expensive! Now we have a small pill bottle that we fill with Baking Soda, thats it! This reason alone has made it worth it!
-Its hassle free! Once a week? Sounds good to me! 
-No extra chemicals and junk going onto (and into) my body!
-My hair is squeaky clean, even on friday (when its been 6 days since I have washed it) it hardly looks greasy. I only wash it on Saturday because I want it at its best for church on sunday! 

What I don't love about No Poo:
-I miss picking out shampoo. I love smelling them and choosing one! BUT this is a small thing, not something Id give in too, especially keeping the junk and chemicals in mind! 
-The lather. Sometimes I wish I could lather shampoo into my hair, if only for the feeling! This is something that I rarely think about now, as using BS is so normal now. 
-The adjustment period was gross. I looked a grease bucket. 4 weeks of greasy hair is not fun. (This has long since passed though)

Will we continue "No Poo"
Yes. 100% yes.
 I highly doubt I will ever go back to shampoo! 
Andrews hair never went though an adjustment period. His hair looks and feels awesome!  I think he would agree that he wont use shampoo again.

What about you guys, have you tried giving up shampoo?
Do you think we are crazy hippies? 

(If you do, I take it as a compliment!) 

After reading my MIL's comment, I thought I would add:
Our hair doesnt really smell like anything! Its just neutral! 
I sometimes miss the yummy smell of freshly washed hair. Even when we were using apple cider vinegar, once our hair was dry, there was absolutely no smell! You are welcome to smell our hair once we get home! 


  1. My Dear daughter-in-law.....I had completely forgotten about this "No Poo" thing....wish Cody came with a "No-Poo-poo" button; at times it can be smelly!!! Ok.... just kidding....not the same "no-poo"......seriously I cannot believe your guys' hair looks so amazingly "not greasy".....when you get back I am gonna smell your guys' hair.......I'm sure "no-poo" is cheaper but what about the smell??? I just love the smell of freahly washed hair!

  2. well... im on this train.. since i have not washed my hair since mid november... BUT when the braids come out it is always tough... so we will see what i can do to keep it up. Love you two hippies!