Thursday, February 21, 2013


Before I share some pictures, I just wanted to thank you all for your excitement and encouragement about moving to the Philippines! We are so beyond blessed! 

I realized that I haven't shared many pictures of the kids on the blog. This is for a number of reasons; To protect their privacy and their stories mostly. Sometimes I don't know what to say about them without having to tell you their background and (heartbreaking) history. But I do want you all to meet them. These kids are so special to us, we love living with them and being their "parents" for a season. While it certainly has its challenges, the kids are amazing. They blow me away with their joy, courage and love of life! 
I'd like you to meet some of them! 

I spend almost every day with Little Man, who has Fetal Alcohol. While all of the other kids go to school, I tutor Little Man, we cook, do laundry, work on writing, number and colours. I love this guy. He's hilarious, super sweet and so curious about everything. 

See this guy? Hes so cuddly and giggly. We'll call him B. 
B loves to get chased, play with robots and wrestle with the other boys. He is a noise with dirt on it. 

M is hilarious. She's the newest kid here and speaks the least amount of english. She is so funny as she learns, often referring to things as the wrong name, which always draws laughter. She is joyful and loves. She loves people, games, songs, food...everything! She forgives quickly and laughs often. 

Oh little S. 
S is full of life. She is a tough chick, always keeping up with the boys, but also has a sweet, sensitive spirit. She has deep sympathy for those around her, loves to play tricks and have a laugh. 

 So there are 4 of our littles. Aren't they amazing?! 
Now onto some fun pictures from the past month! 

I thought it was so interesting that Little Mans homework was to colour a picture of buddhists bowing down to their shrine. A refection of where we are living! Little Man was confused and didn't know what they were doing.

We went to some small waterfalls to swim. The kids lasted 5 minutes before getting out of the water, shaking! They are not used to being in cold water!

We spend most saturdays at the local beach. Its a great way to burn off energy and practise surfing! 

This guy has amazing balance and shows real skill at surfing! We might have a mini pro on our hands! 

Sweet P was practising fishing. What a beautiful place! 

On our day off, we went north to Khoa Lak, an area thats quite popular with german tourists! We enjoyed the beach but didn't like feeling like tourists again! 
This is an area that was completely devastated by the tsunami in 2004. Many resorts have been rebuilt over the past few years. Actually, if you have seen the movie "The Impossible" this is where that movie takes place. We watched the movie the other day and it really impacted us.  Its hard to see the place where so many died and lost family members. The memories are so real for those who live here. (More on that in another post though!) 

A beautiful sunset rainbow at the orphanage. 

Me with our girls. 
This was our angry face. Well, it was supposed to be. And yes, you will often find me with piles of children on my lap. Life is good. 

If you are Amanda or Sandi, stop reading now. 
We saw this giant spider while in Khoa Lak, the size of Andrews hand! Isn't that so gross! You have to look close at the picture. Yes its real. 

And thats life lately! Thanks for stopping by!

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