Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter in Thailand.

Last year at this time, we were celebrating Passover in Israel. It was such an amazing experience for us, we were wishing we could do it again this year. 
Fortunately, easter in Thailand was pretty great too. I have to admit, we didnt realize it was easter until a couple of days before hand. We (or honestly, I!) have a hard time keeping track of months right now. 
Just the other day I thought it was January again! 

Anyway, we can thank Pinterest for clueing me in as to what time of the year it was. 
Church was earlier on sunday, and was held in a park. This means a few things:
1. Bugs. everywhere. 
2. Monkeys attacking cars and people. They are like small (terrifying) gangs. 
3. Heat. Oh the heat. 
4. Numb legs from sitting on the ground criss-cross-apple-sauce. (See picture below for proof)

But it also meant a beautiful view!

The sermon was preached (dont ask me what it was about, it was all in thai), the songs were sung and prayers were prayed. 

The staff had hidden 40 eggs (hard-boiled painted eggs) and we were sent out to find them. 
Yours truly found none. Zero. Zip. 
Finally one of the kids took pity and gave me one of theirs. Sad but true. 

Then the kids played a game. They paired off, each with an (unbroken) hardboiled egg in hand. On the count of 3, they had to smash their egg into the other persons. Whichever one didn't break, won! Simple. 

(This one cracks me up and drives me crazy, all in one breath. I love her!) 

(I kinda thought the size difference made this pairing a bit uneven. David vs Goliath. But this time, Davids egg broke.)

Then they washed the egg off in the (flithy) pond and ate the egg. 
No, I didn't wash my egg in the pond, I didn't want to spend the next week sick!

After the game, we ate our lunch. Rice and side dishes, like usual. (What will we do when we don't have rice with every meal? I honestly don't know!) 

We had this delicious punch. The one on the right was orange/starfruit/sugar punch and the one on the right, lime-leaf sweet tea! It was delicious! Everything in Thailand has sugar (and I mean EVERYTHING, from stir-fry to spaghetti!) and this tea was surprisingly lacking in sugar! It was such a treat!  
Oh and the cups said "Happy xmas Day" on them, which just added to the charm. 

Then it was time to explore (read: burn off the kids energy) so to the pinnacles it was! There are path underneath, so we explored those. 

And the paths lead to this! 
Not too bad eh?

You have to be careful for the monkey, they are super aggressive and will attack if you get too close.  
K-man, getting a touch too comfortable with the monkeys. 

They only look cute. They are mean, scary animals! Wait, now that I look closer, they dont look cute at all! They LOOK mean and scary! 


This is just a few of them, there were over 15 before I could grab a camera!

Peace-signing it up with 2 cuties. 

While easter was nothing like "usual", I could say that about every detail of my life, so it seems right! It was a great day, full of reminders of love. 

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