Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Songkran!

The Songkran festival is the old thai new year.But we have come to know it as a country-wide water fight! 
And how to participate? Put garbage cans and large tubs in the back of the truck and fill with water. Add smaller buckets for throwing water on people, some cute kids, and you've got yourself Songkran! 

We took the littles out in the mid-morning, and it was a blast! The streets in town were lined with people and large tubs of water. Some water was icy-cold, some was warm. When you drive pass (and the driver slows) they throw water on you and smear food colouring all over your face! Because we are farang (foreigners) we got the worst (or best?!) of it! 
This is officially my favourite holiday ever! 

No that is not blood, its just dye. It does stain your skin for a little bit, but I managed to get it off after a couple of showers. 

As you can imagine, it was rather hard to take pictures! We managed to only snap a few, so I found some online to give you a better idea of how huge the water fight is!  

Image found here. 

It was such a blast! In northern Thailand, the celebrations go on for 4 or 5 days, but here, it only lasts for 2 days. While this wouldn't work for Canada, I think its just an awesome time. Theres something so wholesome about throwing water at strangers! We are so grateful that we could experience it! 

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