Sunday, April 21, 2013

He grows.

As an auntie, Im entitled to some privledges. 
My nephews (two and counting!) will come to me for fun, perhaps advice, perhaps suggestions of how to stay out of trouble (or at least not get caught!) 
I am entitled to feed them too much junk food, stay up later than normal (eventually!) and live a little louder than usual. 
I. can't. wait! 

All that said, my other privilege? Bragging rights. I can post blogs, pictures and status updates, allllllll about them and no one can tell me to stop! Well, they can, but I wont listen!  

So here you go, another shameless bragging blog about my newest nephew. I cant wait to meet this little guy! 

I think he looks so much like Elger here. Adorable!

That hat, that smile. Precious! 

Look at this face! I wonder what he's thinking! 

Doesn't this one just make you want to squish his little face! It just kills me! 

 For right now, I depend on his parents to update me with pictures, but soon and very soon, I shall be the one being camera happy! Declan, Im coming for you! 

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