Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The apple doesnt fall far.

Thought of the day:
You know you haven't blogged in a while when it takes 6 tries to figure our your password!

Scary thought of the week:
I am becoming my mother.

I was trying not to notice. In fact, Ive spend 24 years avoiding the topic!
I denied it, I laughed at the thought!
I humored my friends when they'd mention it to me, thinking "Poor so-and-so, the stresses of life are finally getting to them".

But yesterday, it was cemented and a light switch came on in my head.

It happened in my parents backyard.
My new husband and I were painting and building some stuff, and I
was wearing a shirt I really like.
(One that my good friends Michelle and Spencer gave me. They're moving away soon! No way am I going to get paint on something they've given me!)

So I went inside and borrowed something from my mom.
A flannel shirt.
Normal? Maybe.
Except that ANYTIME my mother is doing ANYTHING outside, painting, mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, trimming the trees while standing on a ladder that's standing ON our travel trailer, she wears this flannel shirt.
It has rips and holes and paint splatters. Its HUGE on her, always going down to her knees.
That's the one that I grabbed.
It smells like her, mixed with the smells of summer.
It is way to long on my arms, so I quickly roll it up and snap together some of the buttons, shove my hair into a messy lopsided pony, and am off to work!

As I innocently walk outside, my husband looks at me, chuckles and says

"You are exactly like your mother".

Did you hear that!!!

"You are EXACTLY like your MOTHER!"

Poor guy. Newly married, inexperienced when it comes to things you should NEVER say to your wife!
But when he said it, I took a deep breath and looked down at myself.
And although I wanted to laugh and tell him that hes crazy and also, that hes in trouble, I realized that hes right!

Example: Large quantities of fruit.
"What?" you may ask.
Its true! My mom always buys LARGE quantities of fruit!

When you have 3 kids, plus 2 foster guys, plus multitudes of people in and out of your house, you buy bulk! and I'm not talking about the "Ill-buy-a-pack-of-three-and-save-two-cents" kind of bulk. I'm talking about the "buy-one-case-of-peppers-and-get-sixty-pounds-extra" bulk.

So I bought bananas the other day. I love bananas! I have one every day in my breakfast-shake. I put them in muffins and cereal! They're great! (Except for when they're green. My bananas HAVE to have brown spots on them, or I wont touch them.)

I got home and put them on the counter and a little voice said, "That's something your mom would do".

It was my husband. And I ignored him.

This is what he saw, that I didn't.

(keep in mind that we live in a TINY condo and we never buy bulk ANYTHING because of the sheer lack of space!

I am becoming my mother!

But you know what, its not so bad!
My mom is crazy.

She does not have the mind-set or thought process of most mothers.
Shes wild and hyper and loves adventures.
She gets impatient if you don't want to play with her, so she invents her own games.
She has more energy than a 2-year old and the attention span of one.
She laughs at inappropriate times and does not have a filter on her mouth!

But she is caring and kind. She loves people and is the most generous person I know.
She sees a need and fills it, she isn't afraid of hard work, and she makes others laugh. Shes an amazing cook and is so creative and fun! She holds crying baby and they instantly fall asleep. She strives to understand her kids and do things that bless them. She treats her daughter and son-in-law like her own children.
She is definitely not your ordinary mother, if you ever meet her, you will agree!
but shes my mother, and if I am becoming her, I am honored.
But I will have to hold off on bananas for a while.

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  1. Edol, I LOVE this blog! It made me smile the whole time I read it.

    You know what? I love your mom, so I think it is a good thing to be like her. If you are liker your mother (which at times you totally are!) then I would consider that a great compliment!