Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Living the dream.

Yesterday, while watching ANOTHER James Bond movie (sheesh! how many of those do they have to make!), I dreamed about owning my own VW Bus. (note: I was no longer paying attention to who Bond was saving, as I had my own fantasies to fulfill!)
So far, this is my dream:
Beautiful. Just plain beautiful!

Oh the things that we would do if we owned one.
We have talked many times about driving across North America, from Vancouver all the way over to New York, and then on down to Miami.
We've talked about living in the bus, working when we run out of money, and just enjoying a different pace of life.
We've talked about having to push the bus down a hill to get it started (anyone see "Little Miss Sunshine?!") and getting our knuckles greasy when it refuses to run!
I dont know when or if the day will come when I finally get to call one of these my own, but a girl can dream cant she?

1 comment:

  1. Oooh! Perty!

    That is also MY dream trip... across Canada, down the Eastern Seaboard... *sigh* Girls can dream, and I know that because I often do!

    I hope you get one, one day! I want to come camping with you!