Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I have had a rough couple days. 
Some sort of stomach virus has attempted to completely take over my life! 
But, after 2 days of intense pains and some other lets-not-describe-it stuff, I am feeling a bit better! Nothing makes you as thankful as when you have been really ill and you wake up feeling half ways decent! Thank you for praying! 

I was a touch worried that it would last a long time! We are going away next week for 2 nights, to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. I was quick to remind God, "Its already paid for!"
Its a good thing He's already got it figured out!

And it has come to my attention that whenever I even hint at being sick, people all over the world quickly assume that I am pregnant. 

Let me clarify: 
I am sick, so please, sympathy ok? :)

I managed to walk down to the field last night and see the hedgehog that Andrew found! Isnt it cute! 
(The picture isn't too great, but Im still not in the moving-quickly or bending-over phase of recovery yet.)

Have a blessed week!!

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