Saturday, May 12, 2012

To my dear mother.

Where would I be without you? (besides the obvious. Not existing!) 
This morning I was telling Andrew about some of my favourite childhood memories. 
I remember when I was 6, I was convinced that you were the tallest women I had ever met. I remember bragging to my friends "Your mom isn't as tall as mine! My mom is taller than the trees!"

I remember one time I was getting ready for school (I was probably 6, we had just moved from Paraguay).  I was trying to decide what to wear and I couldn't choose between 2 shirts. I went to you and asked "Mom, how do you make a decision when you just cant choose!" and you said "Pray about it." I cant remember if I did pray about the shirts but I think about what you said, often.  I will never forget that, it is often the thing that reminds me to bring everything to the Lord in prayer.
Do you remember?

I remember when I was growing up, in the mornings, I would often come upstairs and find you and dad, still in your PJs, sitting on the couch. The lights would be dark and you guys were quietly talking, voices still low with sleep, drinking mate. I would climb onto the couch between you two, often still half asleep myself.
 I loved that. It made me feel special, just the three of us, starting the day off together.
 When Andrew and I moved back into your place in February, thats one of the things I looked forward to the most. 

The memories are endless. I could talk about our many family vacations together. The long drives, the early mornings, the camping trips.

I remember when we would leave for a trip. You would wake me up early, wrap me in my blanket and take me to the car. You would always make us a cup of hot chocolate, in those plastic cups with the lid. I remember the first time you didn't do it. I was so disappointed and let you know! Next time, you made sure to make me a cup of hot chocolate, still in that plastic cup with the lid. I was probably 15!

There are so many times when you have loved me, despite the fact that I was driving you crazy! You have comforted me when I pushed you away, you have smiled at me when I deserved a frown, you have loved me when I least deserved it. 

You encourage me to think for myself, to know and love God, to explore the world around me. You cheer me on, you pray for me, you believe in me. 
Mom, I owe you so much. 

Thank you. 
Thank you for the support, the love, the endless devotion. 
You made my childhood carefree and exciting. 

You are one of the funniest people in my life, and the most joyful. 
You willingly help anyone and everyone. 
You give, give and give some more. 
You cook for the masses. People are always welcome at your table. 
You are kind, generous and a lot of fun!
You have helped shape me into the woman I am today.
 I pray that someday I will love my (currently non-existent) children with the actions and intensity that you loved me. 
I pray that my table will always be full of food, feeding those who need it.
 I pray my kitchen is filled with warmth and wonderful smells, that our home would be a haven for others, like yours is for so many. 

Happy Mothers Day Mom.
 I love you. 

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