Friday, May 4, 2012

We were so happy to spend the day in Akko, about 45 mins north of Haifa (2 hours by bus…)
It was such a wonderful, refreshing day for us. We enjoyed fresh orange juice, walked for miles, took tours (into tunnels!) and ate schwarma. We needed a day for the two of us and God delivered! 
So here, let me bombard you with pictures!! Enjoy!

The beautiful, winding streets!

We found a "garden" made of flowers planted in shoes, boots, purses, pots, etc! 

The wonderful market, full of spices, clothes, baked goods and more! 

This woman baked everything in the little oven behind her. 

We took a tour of tunnels, old ruins and areas that are preserved from the time of the Crusaders. It was awesome! We got these little phones, which gave us information, a self-lead tour! 

A huge courtyard that was buried in dirt until 1992! 

The toilet room! You could see through the holes into the room below. I would NOT have liked the job of cleaning up! 

We went into the old sewage tunnels, which were narrow and so fascinating! We found an unlocked gate and couldn't resist discovering it for ourselves! 

Im pretty sure the writing in red says "Danger. Do not enter upon penalty of death!" or something...
 (kidding mom!!)

It was super narrow and dark, luckily I had the flash from the camera to guide me! 

The old hospital, from the crusaders times! 

"Beware: Certain areas of the tunnel will require you to bend"...

Especially for Andrew! 

We found a camel! I named him Carl. 

You can see how thick the walls around the city are! Amazing! 

What does it say about me that my ideal kitchen in found in a museam? Hmm..

Heavy cannonballs!

We enjoyed some lovely fresh-squeezed orange juice! 

The beautiful Mediterranean Sea!

The Walls of the city, on the sea side. They have withstood a lot! 

Of course I jumped....

All in all, we had a wonderful day, being tourists! Apparently Akko is second only to Jerusalem in terms of history(in Israel). It has a rich, history of war, success, death and life! We were blessed to spend some time there!

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