Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Warning: Random

Yesterday I chatted with my sister (in-law) for almost 2 hours! 
*Pause as I do a happy dance*

It was awesome. 
The conversation was peppered with interruptions, from my handsome nephew on her side (always welcomed by this auntie!) and curious children from my side!
But still the topics flowed and flowed (our husbands know that we could talk for hours if we had time!) 

My dear Amanda and I get along great, which is funny because we are so so different. 
Like really, we are so different. Really. Honestly...Im not joking here people!
 (Ok I'll stop)
And chatting for a while, her sitting on the floor in her living room in Canada, me sitting on a couch here in Israel, was what I needed. 

I have been missing my family and friends back home. 
Not in an "I-hate-this-I-want-to-go-home-now!" tantrum way. 
I don't hate this, I love this!

But in the good times, when Im so happy that my heart hurts, I think of them and think how they would enjoy that moment too. 
When I am at the shuk (market) and its all chaotic and so Israeli, I think of how I would love to share that experience with them, the smells and sounds and tastes. 

I miss them in a good way. I recognize how blessed I am, with an incredible family and amazing friends, that loves and supports us.

And I love skype. 
End of story.

(Ok not quite)
Lets end this with some funny. 

Click here if you want to laugh heartily. 
I warn you, it gets funnier the more times you watch it. 

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  1. Oh my! You choose to write this on a day I am super hormonal and am getting teary from this post! I love you my dear and I love how different we are. It was wonderful to talk with you for so long just like we would when you were here. I am glad I could make you happy over there and by the way... I don't know that I would want to experience the craziness of the market without out leading the way. Eek! Sounds a little out of my comfort zone :) Sending millions of hugs!