Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby Theo!

(I wrote this yesterday)
I'm writing this from the hospital bed. 
No, not me.
Little Theo had surgery this morning, where he had his spinal cord detethered. Theo is 2 years old (although we aren't sure about that, he doesn't have any official papers or birth certificate) 

Look at this precious boy?! I dare you not to fall in love! 


Theo is a spunky, precious little boy. He is always ready for cuddles, lifting his hands up to be picked up to anyone who comes into the room! Theo has spina bifida (a congenital defect of the spine where parts of the spine are exposed through a gap in the backbone. It often causes paralysis and mental handicaps) and hydrocephalus (fluid surrounding his brain) which causes his head to be quite large.
A church from America graciously gave enough enough money for him to have this surgery.
Andrew and I came along, to help shuttle the kids around (there is another girl who needed intestinal surgery) do paper work and spell off each other at the hospital.
When we walked into the room after his surgery, there was Theo. The hospital gown dwarfed him, his head was shaved and he has 2 IVs in his tiny arms.
He whimpered in pain and seems out of sorts, but he is a brave little boy, and we are so proud.

The shaved head makes him look so sick! But don't worry, he is doing well!  It was heartbreaking to see him with IVs and stuck in the bed. We aren't able to pick him up (the incision in is his lower back) and that's hard. He constantly puts out his arms to be held and we have to resist! Sad for this mama heart of mine! 
I was able to coax some smiles from him.

 When we left, he dissolved into tears, which is oh so hard to walk away from!
 We are thankful to be with him through this time, he is a joy and blessing! We are really hoping that when he heals from this surgery, he will be able to walk (eventually!), isn't that so exciting?! Please pray with us, that he wont get an infection! He had this surgery last year, and had a really bad infection, which kept him in the hospital for a month! We are praying that this time will be different!

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