Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cyclone off the coast of Andrah Pradesh (our province!)

We have had a lot of rain over the past 30 hours. A lot.
It has flooded many of the streets and fields, but we are also enjoying the cooler weather and slower pace. Our kids weren't dropped off for Ability Camp (we don't really understand why. We were told "too much rain!"), most schools are cancelled and the street food vendors aren't out (sad!) There has been so much wind, pushing rain into our house, through fans and windows. It was howling last night, shaking our apartment! We have towels layered on the floor, and Im wearing a sweater, ear warmers and socks. I should admit that its 29 degrees out. Im just a super wimp when it comes to "cold".
Our friend took these pictures this morning and I thought I would share them! The water is nasty, full of garbage, debris, human and cow feces!

Its interesting hearing about the devastating effect of Hurricane Sandy, which shattered a lot of people illusions of safety on the east coast of the US and Canada. We have been praying for those affected, including friends of ours who were evacuated out of the city. (We stayed at their place when we were in NYC in March)
The effect of Cyclone Nilam is similar here, with only one reported death so far, thank God!
Whats interesting is, here, you would never know! There are no emergency vehicles, no funding or outside help and the government didn't issue a warning (that I know of!)  
Life goes on.
 Life is hard here, the people are tough, resilient and, quite frankly, used to it. It makes me sad. These people work hard, they have huge challenges and live on very little every day. We are blessed to be here, to know them and experience life with them.  
Please pray for them. 

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