Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Taj and some other ramblings...


Did you get all that?
I thought if I said it in one breath that you wouldn't be as jealous.
Because really, if you need to be jealous about anything, its us going to the Taj Mahal! 
The rest of life is pretty mundane.
Don't believe me? Let me prove it. 
Today, instead of going out and exploring the city, we stayed home. We packed. Did laundry. Watched a movie. Laaaaame. But the real reason for that is point number 2!
Ive been sick.  Not fun sick either. 

The sick where farting and coughing is risky business. 
The sick that makes you stay home, or within a 20 second reach of the bathroom. 
The gut cramping, make-you-wish-your-mom-was-closer-because-that-makes-you-feel-better, sick. 

Although, now that I think about it, what kind of sickness is fun anyway?

Ok, and we are back on topic. 

Don't worry, this blog isn't turning into some weird health-problem, bodily-function story centre. But lets be real, travelling in India reaches every part of you! And lets be real, in regular life, the topic of bodily functions comes up a lot. Just saying'. (If you don't believe me, ask Dominick) 

Anyway, where was I? 
Oh yeah, the Taj (thats what I call it now, cuz we have been there. Before we went it was "The Taj Mahal", all formal. Now its just Taj…)

The "gate" to enter into the gardens, which are in front of the Taj. Impressive already! 

The Taj, though, was just awesome! 


Of course I jumped! I wouldn't want to disappoint the fans! 

Perfectly symmetrical!

 (I thought you would appreciate that Amanda!) 

What a handsome guy! No wonder everyone was taking pictures of us! No but seriously, it was pretty crazy. We were followed and pictures were snapped constantly! We were asked to pose for people and with people and beside people. Awkward! It re-confirmed that I never ever want to be a celebrity! 

The details are amazing! It took 20,000 workers nearly 22 years to build this thing! 

Standing in front of the Taj, with the huuuuuge gardens behind us.

We saw some monkeys in the park just outside of the gates. 

The park that we totally meant to wander through for 30 mins before realizing we were walking away from the Taj…Totally.

When we saw the monkey sitting on the motorcycle, a joke was made about Michael (Andrews brother) and his new motorcycle. Im not saying who told the joke. But it was hilarious. Whoever it was, deserves an award for her sense of humour...

We also went and saw Agra Fort. 

Not as impressive as the Taj, but amazing none the less! 

It surprised us with its size and amazing details! Indians sure know how to make things ornate! 

Hey Sam, when you build us a house, make sure to include these on my balcony! Thanks! 

Andrew took this picture, being all artsy! I love the details! 

(The irony of this sign made us laugh)

It was a long day (10 hours of driving!) but so worth it! 

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