Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hello friends! 
We have had a pretty emotional week so far (and its only tuesday!) 
We have had ability camp for the past 3 days, soaking up every possible moment with our special 4! (I will blog more about that tomorrow.)
Along with that, of course, is precious time with Heidi and Angel, who have, obviously secured themselves into my heart! 
Sadly, Heidi has some sort of infection in her throat. Her throat is swollen up quite badly. She has a golfball size lump, thats hard as a rock. Its uncomfortable and painful for her.

You can see how swollen it is in this picture (Although it actually was bigger than it looks)

 Of course, I was quite concerned about it and asked if we could take her to the hospital. It was 9:30am (yesterday) and I was told "Yes sister, but we are waiting for someone to bring us money." 
Ok, fair enough, I will wait. 
And wait. 
and wait.
 When I left at 5pm, I was told "We will go to hospital at 6pm sister!" This morning, when we got there, I immediately went to see Heidi and ask how she was. I was told "Sister, the money never came, we can not take her!" 
So I did what I should have done 24 hours before, I forked over the money and insisted that they take her to the hospital immediately.
 "Immediately" is a bit slower in India than Canada, but 2 hours later, they were on their way. Turns out, we were right. She has a bad infection, but they are hoping it will go away with antibiotics (Im not so sure, but anyway!) and return in 3 days if it isn't better. 

I admit, I am worried. 
What if the infection doesn't go away? 
What if no one notices that she is feverish or lethargic? 
Will they notice that she isn't "herself" or will is just be looked over in the busyness of an orphanage. 
This isn't a jab at the ayahs or anyone, it just hurts my mama heart that Heidi might be looked over. She is so special to me, I get all teary at the thought of saying goodbye. I pray that someone will come and love her. I pray that their heart jumps when she smiles at them, like mine does. I pray they swoon at the way she melts into their arms,always ready for cuddles. I pray that they look forward to seeing her everyday, to sharing the simple joy of her life.

 I wish I could bring all of you here. I wish you could see these kids, their smiles and tears and feel connected to them. God has been putting that on my heart so much. We are the ones communicating and representing these kids to you. We are the voice for the voiceless, we advocate for their benefit and we are blessed to do so. You would melt at Heidi's smile, or the way she waves goodbye. 

Thank you for your love and support. We have had some donations specifically for Heidi and her medical bills (the money that is not used up, will be put aside for the next time something arises) and we are so grateful, as Im sure Heidi is! 

  (How can a man with a handle bar mustache be so attractive? I was just thinking the same thing!) 

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! Thank you for praying and for giving.

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