Monday, November 19, 2012

Our journey to New Delhi.

We left Ongole on the 15th at 4:15pm. There were 7 of us crammed into a minivan, along with our luggage. Lets just say that some of the passengers were not on the…small side... 
So there we were, in the back row, scrunched up and bouncing down the road to Hyderabad. About 15 minutes in I realized that my position (back corner with no view of the road) would not work so well with my carsickness!
 I held on. and on. and on. 
Finally, 4 hours in, I could hold on no more. We pulled over and I gracefully lurched out of my seat and just made it to the sidewalk when lunch came pouring out. Pleasant. 
But I did feel better and we continued on, stopping for dinner (Subway for me! I was so so excited to eat a sandwich!) and then making it to Hyderabad just after midnight. 

We managed a couple of hours of sleep before our cab picked us up at 4:30am. 
We got to the station and waited for the train. Time passed quickly, mostly because people watching is now our #1 hobby! 

We gratefully sank into our seats and the 28 hour train ride began! It was actually pretty pleasant.The scenery was beautiful, the pace pretty slow, but with enough room to get up and stretch or lay down and nap! There are guys walking by constantly selling chai, coffee and snacks, so we never had the chance to go hungry! 

(This is a 3-tier AC car. That means that in our area, there are 3 beds on either side, totalling 6 beds. The middle bunk folds down to make a seat, as you can see in the pictures. When we wanted to sleep, we simply lifted the back into place and hooked it in! Voila, a bed!)

About 12 hours in was when things got cramped. A family of 5 (mom, dad, uncle, 9 year old, 2 year old) came on, but only paid for 2 beds. So yes, 5 people, 2 beds. Figure that one out. It meant that we had to share our space and constantly step over them. But it still wasn't too bad. It didn't hurt that the kids were adorable.  

Very rarely does Andrew actually fit on the beds...

Chai and curry. Yum.

Time passed fairly quickly. I slept well at night, Andrew managed a decent sleep too (which is a miracle if you know Andrew!) but the sharing of air with strangers sleeping 2 feet away from me, seemed to take its toll on me. By the time we reached Delhi I was sniffling and sneezing! 

So ,fun fun, I have a cold. My immune system is just not what it was, India has distressed it! I seem to catch every little thing, which is so not me! 

So that sums up our journey to New Delhi. It was long, but not so bad, which we are so grateful for! 

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