Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just another day...

Its almost midnight, so this will be quick. I wanted to share some pictures from this week. We have been soaking in these kids and their precious lives! It hasn't hit us that will say goodbye in 48 hours (so lets not talk about it mmmkay?)
 We have had amazing weather, breezy at night and not-too-hot during the day! 
Joy joy joy! 
India seems to be tempting us to stay longer, but alas, the trains and flights are booked, so its off we go, on thursday evening! We drive to Hyderabad on the 15th, arriving late at night (3 cheers for avoiding the night bus!) and leave at 6am the next morning on the train! Its a 27 hour train ride to New Delhi, putting us there on the 17th around 9am. We spend 5 days there, visiting with ministry friends (Edolbina with midwives who run a rural hospital!) and seeing the Taj Mahal! 
Cross that off the bucket list!
 We are Thailand bound on Nov 22nd! But more on that later people! 
Anyway, my run away tangent has distracted me. Where was I? Oh right. Ongole!
Here are some pictures from this week!

Victory Home

 Even the lizards in India has mustaches! 

This face makes me day, every day.  

Snack time! 

I love finding her in the crowd! 

A view from up top!

Its so green after the rain!

Spa time with Lily!

Jackie doesnt have fingers or toes, so no nails to paint! No problem, we improvise!

Melt my heart. 

Peek a boo!

Big man Cedar! 

Our neighbour!

Theres trouble in those eyes!

Guess who found soap and thought it was candy? Yup. Jackie. 

Those 2, always in trouble! 

Heidi wasnt thrilled at Jackies presence. I love these 2!

Spunky girl! 

I really must be going to bed. Andrews glancing at me frequently , giving me the "Wife! Know what Im thinking and get your butt off that computer!" look. Gotta go, much love to you all! 

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