Monday, December 3, 2012


We missed thanksgiving this year. Its strange, travelling around while others are decorating, cooking, enjoying the season. It takes more of an effort for us, so as part of that, I thought I would do a 25 list. 
25 things that I am thankful for (because I really am so very thankful)

1. There was no rat in our room last night! 
2. The anonymous person/people who gave us $300 at just the right time. We are so so grateful. And so very curious to know who you are! 
3. Lime. I love limes, in my soup, on my veggies, in my water. Yum!
4. Skype. Its such a great way to keep in touch with family and friends! 
5. That my husband takes care of me. Right now, he's on a rented bike, biking to the embassy to get our visa and then to the bus station to get tickets to Vietnam. 
6. That our daily life includes visas, plane trips, bus tickets, and travelling the world. 
7. Our parents. Their support and love just blows us away! 
8. That the smell of India has mostly left our system. Our friends here are also thankful.
9. My beautiful babies, patiently waiting and continuously growing in Canada. I simply can not wait to get them in my arms again! (Aunties coming home in 5 months, get ready!) 
10. Getting an encouraging message from a friend. My heart needed that. 
11. Having the most wonderful friends. They really are the best, I would be a very sad and lonely girl without them! Each of them brings something so special into my life. 
12. Yerba mate. I love waking up with Andrew and sitting together, welcoming the new day in quietly. 
13. Fruit. Mangosteen, papaya, watermelon. You are my friend. 
14. Sandwiches that have mayonnaise and sweet chilli on them. When those 2 things meet, they make beautiful music together! 
15. Hot water in our shower. 
16. That God is patient with me and powerful enough to blow away my doubts. 
17. That Gods plan for us is exciting and so much better than we could ever dream. 
18. To the random lady we met in Chiang Mai who talked to me about about being a TCK (Third Culture Kid) and how that has shaped my thinking. She changed my life. 
19. Our computer. Forget the Mac vs PC debate, we love our computer and are so grateful for how it keeps us connected!
20. Xmen. Great movies. If I could have a super power, I would look like a local in any country we go too. It would be awesome. 
21. This world, that God created to display his power and majesty. But that also displays the suffering of people and life without Him.
22. The furious love that calls us back into relationship with Him.
23. Having a husband who knows my heart and my stomach. He knows exactly when this girl needs to eat! 
24. Our backpacks. They are hardworking and faithful. They have signs of wear and tear, some imperfections and zippers that are on their way out, but they are essentially our home! 
25. Planes that will eventually take us back to the great white north, to be united with family and friends. Planes are wonderful inventions! 

So there you go, just 25 things Im grateful for right now. There are many many more! 

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