Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years!

Well 2012. 
You have been one grand adventure. 
Technically we're losing 15 hours of you this year, because of the time change, but somehow I don't feel ripped off. 
You have brought precious time with family and hard goodbyes. 
You brought us Brenna and (much more recently) Adielle, for which Im so thankful. 
Along with some tears and hard times, you have also brought incredible beauty and joy. 
During your days, we have taken planes, trains, rickshaws, tuk tuks, autos, bicycles, boats and motorcycles. We have travelled far, run hard, lazed around, been bored and thrilled. 

We have met people, beautiful, full of life, people. We have heard their stories, seen their scars and wept with them. 
We have had our hearts shattered and put back together again. 
We have cried over the poverty, the loneliness, brokeness and sin of this world. 

We have rejoiced at grace, love, truth and the redemption of Jesus on the cross.
We have held crying babies, had conversations where no-one speaks english, prayed for the hurting and loved the ones who aren't loved. 
We have pulled teeth, changed diapers, combed out lice, been in hospital. 

2012 has brought us incredible joy and realization. 
The realization that when you allow God, the one who knows your heart, who knows every corner of your soul, design your life, it will be incredible
Incredibly hard, incredibly awesome, incredibly real.
 When you are willing, He will bring it! 

So heres to 2012. I will never forget you. 
And to 2013, whatever new adventure it brings. 

Yes. Andrew "accidentally" dropped me. 

Thank you all for your support and love! We pray that God will bless you this year! 
Bring it on 2013! 

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