Friday, December 14, 2012

Hoi An!

Our next leg of the journey was from Hanoi to Hoi An (Yes, its confusing when the names are so similar!) 
While we were on the train (about 14 hours, through the night) I caught up on journaling. The trip went fast and we both had a decent nights sleep!
I attempted to draw some of the "things" I miss from Canada. I started with Dom and Sandi, then quickly turned to just writing the things I miss! Drawing is not my expertise! 

Our berth. There were 6 of us in there, but at 3am, the other 4 got off! So we had the place to ourselves for the remainder of the trip. What a blessing! 

The views down the coast of Vietnam. Beautiful!

We shared a taxi with a dutch couple into Ha Noi (The train only goes to Danang) and were quickly charmed by this adorable town! 

We bought some rambutan to eat while we strolled around. They are a delicious fruit, the texture of lychee but the taste of grapes. 

We rented a bike to go to the beach.

 The rice paddies are so beautiful! 

Not too shabby eh?

I have been drinking copious amounts of coffee. I have always loved vietnamese coffee, which my dear friend Merida and I often indulged in! When a large cup of iced coffee costs 40 cents, its an indulgence we can afford! It is so strong though, I am not able to drink it too close to bedtime (as in, anytime after 3pm!) Yes, its that strong! 

Side-note: Merida and her husband Jarred (who happens to be like a brother to me!) welcomed their baby girl into the world today! We are so ecstatic and cant wait to meet this precious baby when we get home! Its so hard to miss these moments! 

We found an amazing little resturaunt right next door to our hostel. The food was amazing and so cheap! We ate there 4 times in 2 days! The chicken curry was out. of. this. world!

And just a friendly reminder: Age is just a number! :)

A friend of ours got a shave here and boy, they dont skimp! They shaved his forehead, cheeks and even his EYELIDS! Yes! It was so funny, especially since hes not a hairy guy! 

In Hoi An, they specialize in making customize clothing and shoes! I didnt get anything made, but I sure wish I did! 

We hired a boat to take us out on the river for an hour ($5 for 4 people for 1 hour. Awesome!) 

We watched some fishermen cast their nets into the water, which was pretty neat! 

I love love love this picture! Its hard to see the net, but the sky is just amazing! 

So that sums up Hoi An! We love the laid-back pace of Vietnam and the scenery is beautiful! More to come soon...

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