Sunday, December 2, 2012

Into Laos...

We made our way from Chiang Khong over the Mekong River into Laos. It was a fairly pain-free border crossing. Besides the walk from our hostel to the crossing (probably should have bitten the bullet and taken a tuk-tuk) and sweating through our clothes before 8am! Once we got through "customs" (aka a booth with a thai man sitting in it, stamping passports) we took the short ferry ride across to Laos! 

We went through customs on the Laos side, paid for our visas (ouch! $52!) and took a tuk tuk over to the slow boat launch. 
But not before we saw this! A bottle of Laos whiskey with a scorpion in it! Thats one thing that will NOT find its way into my bag!

The boat launch in Huay Xai! 

The first day we spent 5 hours on the boat. It was peaceful with beautiful scenery! 

As we were docking in Pak Beng, we had a small run-in with a bigger boat! Oops, but no harm done! 

We spent the night in Pak Beng. The accommodations were...primitive, but it was a bed, so we were happy! 

Day 2 on the boat was much of the same! Beautiful scenery, seeing locals work on the river and we even saw some elephants! (I didn't get a picture though, I was too excited!) 

We arrived in Luang Prabang in the evening and found a nice guesthouse (beside the whole rat story..) and grabbed food and walked around the market! They have a wonderful market here, filled with colourful handmade goods! If only I had room in my bag! 

So that was our journey into Laos! We are loving the laid-back attitude, the peace and quiet at night (again, besides the rat...) and the local food! 

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