Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Buses, mud and Vietnam.

We took a night bus from Loas into Hanoi, Vietnam. 
It took 29 hours. 
Thats right. All night, all day. 
We left at 6pm and arrived at 11:30 pm. 
It wasn't my favourite day, but I managed to sleep, whereas Andrew did not sleep at all! I don't know how he does it! We both agreed that we will not do that again anytime soon!

These were the seats. Do you understand now why Andrew didnt fit? He couldnt fit his legs! He ended us awkwardly sitting (as you can see, the seats don't sit up fully!) And you cant put your legs down, because the seats dont do that either! So the entire time, you are semi-laying back...

 There were also people sleeping underneath us and in the aisles. It was jam packed in there! 

Andrew was, needless to say, not thrilled! 

At 8am we had to get out and walk across the border. It was a muddy 1 km walk, but it was nice to stretch our legs! However, we weren't prepared for the cool mountain air! We ended up waiting 2 hours for the bus to get through, we were half-frozen by then! 

See the little pigs? How cute! 

The Laos-Vietnam border. 

Unfortunately, this is what travelling looks like on me! Its a glamorous life we lead! 

We were thrilled when we arrived in Hanoi! Even though it was late, we had a quick chat with my parents, as mom is back from Paraguay! It was great to see them together again! No one was more thankful than dad when it was time for mom to come home! 

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  1. wow, 29 hours. you guys are crazzzy. glad you made it! i'm inspired by your adventures! but wish you were here in BC since we are!! -b