Monday, December 24, 2012

Saigon and Cu Chi!

Our time in Nha Trang ended and we were excited to head to Ho Chi Mihn City (now called Saigon)
But not before enjoying the beach one more time! 

I are some rice puff thing (huge eh!) 

While Andrew enjoyed some young coconut juice!

And then Andrew got a $3 haircut! It ended up way shorter than he wanted, and uneven. But then, it was $3, what can you expect! 

After taking the night train, we arrived in Saigon at 4:45am! We enjoyed some coffee and were off for breakfast. We had a good laugh at this sign, and wished we could have it printed onto our t-shirts! We are constantly being bothered by people. In fact, when we left this restaurant, we were outside for about 1 minute and were talked to by 7 different people, all selling something! It gets tiring. 

Saigon is wonderful! Its busy and loud, never resting. Its also home to some amazing food and friendly people!

We found a tiny little place that served the most amazing food! We went back there 3 times in 3 days! 

We had a 1 hour massage ($5 each!), where they also massage your head. Andrew insisted on taking this picture immediately after, he thought my hair was hilarious. 

The most amazing fruit shakes! They were so fresh, yummy and large! For under $1 each! I love SE Asia! 

Some seafood, waiting to be bought. Not so sanitary here. 

We took a bus to the Cu Chi tunnels, which are a couple hours outside of the city. It was here where the Cu Chi people hid in the forest, dug tunnels and lived in them. They were made during the French occupation in the 1940's and then further expanded during the Vietnam war in the 1960's. It was pretty impressive! The underground community was made up of over 250 km of tunnels and chambers!

One of the tiny entrances! Hard to find in a forest! 

This lady was making rice paper. 

Many of the tunnels have collapsed, but we were able to go into a small portion of one. They have made them quite a bit bigger, but it was not comfortable to shuffle through them! 

As you can see "bigger" isnt very big to us! 

 Some of the bobby traps the Vietnamese set. 

It was an interesting trip! We really enjoyed our time in Vietnam and will miss the coffee so much! 

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