Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nha Trang and Vin Pearl...

Welcome to Nha Trang! 
Its mostly known for its beach, which is why we came!
Here, let me show you around!
Having our morning coffee with friends. Let the copious amount of coffee-consumption continue! 

A frangipani! My absolute favourite flower!! 

In Vietnam, they don't like you to take showers in the toilet. Now you know! 

We found a beautiful old church. 


And onto the beach! 


I know you have been waiting on baited breath for my next jumping picture! No more waiting friends! 

Not too shabby eh?

Then yesterday we took a gondola ride over to Vin Pearl Island. Its a resort island, filled with mostly russians! We were so thrilled to play for the day! We doused ourselves in sunscreen and proceeded to run around like children in disneyland! It was perfect! 
The gondola is the longest one over the sea! Neat!

I asked "How excited are you?" and this was his response. 

Yeah, I mastered the back flip. (I wont mention the 5 times I landed on my head...)

It looked fun so Andrew had to give it a go! 

We took the "Alpine Coaster" up to the top of the mountain! Then, on the way down, you get to control your speed with a little brake! It was awesome! Turns out, Im a bit in love with speed! 

What a beautiful view!!!

There was an aquarium on the island too! It was a touch dangerous in there, but we managed to escape alive! 

Seahorse! I want one as a pet! They are so cute! 

A conveyer than took you through the underwater part. Fancy! 

Then onto the waterslides! We ran around and tried ALL the slides, then went back later with the camera to catch some moments. We had such a blast going down all the slides! My favourite was this one:

There goes Andrew!

I did skip this one (it looked like a wedgy factory!) but Andrew went down both a few times.

Andrew had a random korean guy as his partner for this one. I thought it was so cute how the guy smiled at the camera! 

They also had a beautiful beach! The sand was white, the water blue and the sun bright! 

We went on the merry-go-round. I choose the giraffe because it made me think of my dear friend Angela. 

Andrew chose the manliest one there was, a tiger! 

Then I found another friend, a cat, eating a fish! Adorable! 

We watched the sunset. Look at that masterpiece! Im so glad we serve a creative God who shows us His artist side in the sky! 

We then went to the arcade (with bumber cars and 4D movies! Yes, this place had EVERYTHING!) and did some bull riding! 

I think she must have put me on a lower setting, because I managed to stay on for the whole ride! Or its these strong leg muscles I have! Probably the muscles! 

We debated using this as our christmas card. I veto-ed it! 

On the way back to the mainland, we saw that they had the posts decorated with lights, they look like little eiffle towers! Which made me think of Michelle. 

We had such a wonderful day. We ran around like kids and laughed so hard. It was exactly what we needed! 

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